End of the Year Activities


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This end of the year activities resource includes 11 different cooperative learning activities that are sure to keep student engagement high all the way to the last moment of the last day of school. These activities are a great way to keep your classroom community bonded and minds off of summer vacation.

⭐GREAT for afternoons of testing days!⭐

Each of the 11 activities include:
-Optional extension activities
-Ideas for implementation
-Any necessary printables
-Suggested questions
-Examples if applicable

Activities included:
All Write Round Robin-Students are each given a story starter and word collaboratively to write and illustrate stories.
Peer Interview-Students brainstorm questions to ask one another in an interview style giving each student the spotlight.
Tear Art Class Mural-Students are each given unique materials and must work collaboratively to build a class mural representing them.
Find Someone Who-Students seek a peer who fits each category or can answer each question. (Geography, Multiplication, Reading, Talents, All About Me, and a Blank Form.)
Team Builder Placemats-Students work collaboratively to create positive placemats listing one another’s traits.
Partner Celebration-Students introduce one another to the class using a self-completed form and the class celebrates them giving each student individualized attention.
Fan & Pick-Students play a game while answering questions about their own experiences.
Who Am I?-Students have a mystery card taped to their back and ask others questions until they can identify what their card says. (Mystery Numbers, Celebrities, Fairy Tale Characters, U.S. States)
Group Up-Students travel around the room and form groups based on an item.
Team Categories– Students work collaboratively to name an item for each letter of the alphabet that fits each category. (Summer, School, Food, Books, and Movies)
Four Corners-Students travel to different areas of the room to show their response to each question and then try to convince others to join in their thinking.

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