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Are you looking for a FUN way to REVIEW content from throughout the year? Look no further than Hot Stew Review! Hot Stew Review is a new and fun PowerPoint review game that is all digital and keeps every team in the game until the last question.

What is Hot Stew Review?
Hot Stew Review is a cooperative review game played in teams. After each question, teams who answered correctly are able to choose a vegetable to reveal points with the goal of being the winning team by the end of all 20 questions. The inclusion of positive and negative points as well as options for teams to double their points, lose half their points, or lose all their points mean every team is in the game until the last possible moment keeping engagement high and students working hard!

Why Hot Stew Review
This ready to go digital review game means you are ready to download and play right away, taking the prep work out of review games while keeping rigor and engagement high!

This resource is intended for personal use only. This use of this template to create review games to sell or for commercial use is NOT allowed.

What Is Included In This Resource?
⭐PDF with Directions and Tips including how to edit the PowerPoint
⭐Printable Scoresheet to Keep Point Tracking Easy
⭐An Editable PowerPoint with 20 Questions and Answers slides for you to add your own questions along with 20 opportunities to earn points complete with action buttons to move you through the game

Why Should I Play Hot Stew Review?
To engage your students in meaningful, cooperative review without hitting them with another worksheet!

⚠️This editable template can be edited using PowerPoint or Google Slides to edit and play the game. This resource is only a template for you to create your own games. ⚠️


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