U.S. History Jigsaw Bundle


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This bundle of jigsaw resources for United States History is the perfect way to get students working together cooperatively to teach their classmates about periods of American History.

Jigsaw activities are a great way to make learning really stick! The jigsaw method of teaching allows students to be the experts and teach one another the content that they need to know by breaking the information down into chunks.

Products in this bundle:
Continents Jigsaw Activity
Regions of the United States Jigsaw Activity
Election Jigsaw Activity
Bill of Rights Jigsaw Method Activity {U.S. History}
European Explorers Jigsaw Activity (U.S. History)
Events of the American Revolution Jigsaw Activity
People of the American Revolution Jigsaw Activity
War of 1812 Jigsaw Method Activity {U.S. History}
People of the Civil War Jigsaw {U.S. History}
Westward Expansion Jigsaw {U.S. History}
Changing Times Jigsaw Method Activity {U.S. History}
Inventors Jigsaw Method Activity {U.S. History}
Modern America: Disasters of the 21st Century Jigsaw {U.S. History}
American Citizenship: Landmarks Jigsaw {U.S. History}

Included in each jigsaw resource:
-Directions for the jigsaw method
-Research based rationale for the jigsaw method
-A set of research passages broken down into jigsaw chunks
-A list of ideas for how students can share their information with their group
-Student note taking pages for accountability

-3 types of notes pages are included to differentiate:
1. a blank notes page with topics only
2. a scaffolded notes page with fill in the blanks
3. a completed notes page with all pertinent information

-Student assessment for accountability with answer key
-Both multiple choice and open ended questions available

By making students the experts in their content area they take ownership of their learning and flourish as both learners and teachers.

For more jigsaw method activities click HERE.

What does the research say about the jigsaw method?
• Cooperative learning has been identified as one of the nine instructional methods proven by research to make a significant difference in student performance
(Marzano, Pickering & Pollock, 2001).

• Cooperative learning consistently yields higher levels of achievement than either competitive or independent learning
(Johnson, Johnson, & Holubec, 1994).

To see a video of how jigsaw works check out this video from Jennifer at Cult of Pedagogy.


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