3rd Grade Math Digital Test Prep




This three-week math test prep activity incorporates thirteen vital standards for third grade math. Each day 3rd grade students will answer 13 questions using a Google Form, one on each of the standards. This allows students to select their own areas of growth and builds confidence with rigorous math test prep questions!
Included in this resource:
✓ Teacher Directions with ideas for implementation and differentiation
✓ Aligned Standards (TEKS and CCSS)
✓ I Can Statements
✓ 15 Google Forms- One for each day of review with self answer key.
✓ Data Tracking Sheet to Facilitate Goal Setting
I used this in my classroom the three weeks leading up to our standardized test as a spiral review and to gather data on which students need more intense instruction during small group math. 
The Topics Covered In This Review:
⇨Addition and Subtraction Within 1,000
⇨Composing and Decomposing Numbers
⇨Comparing and Ordering Numbers
⇨Representing Addition and Subtraction with Models and Equations
⇨Area of a Rectangle
⇨Perimeter of a Polygon
⇨Representing Equivalent Fractions
⇨Comparing Fractions
⇨Number Pairs in Tables
⇨Summarizing a Data Set
⇨Multiplication and Division Within 100
⇨Representing Addition and Subtraction with Models and Equations
⇨Classifying and Sorting 2D and 3D Figures


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