3rd Grade Reading Digital Test Prep




This resource is a two week, ten day, 3rd grade reading test prep activity that incorporates vital standards for third-grade reading. Each day the students will read a passage (fiction, expository, and poetry included) and then answer questions based on the passage using a self-grading Google Form. 
This is a great resource to use the two weeks leading up to your standardized test as spiral review and to gather data on which students need more intense instruction during small group reading.
Each day after students complete the questions, go over the passage and questions then have students track their own data. This data can be used to determine groups for reteaching, set goals for growth, as well as celebrate student successes!
Included in this product:
→Chart of covered standards (TEKS and CCS)
→I Can cards to display based on each standard
→10 passages-3 fiction, 4 expository, and 3 poems
→Multiple-Choice questions to go along with each passage in a Google Form
**Please check out the preview to see what is included.**


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