5th Grade Math Digital Test Prep



This three-week math test prep activity incorporates twelve vital standards for fifth-grade math. Each day 5th grade students will answer 12 questions using a Google Form, one on each of the standards. This allows students to select their own areas of growth and builds confidence with rigorous math test prep questions!
Included in this resource:
✓ Teacher Directions with ideas for implementation and differentiation
✓  Content Layout Key
✓ Aligned Standards (TEKS and CCSS)
✓ I Can Statements
✓ Test Prep Projectables/Printables
✓ Optional Recording Sheet
✓ Answer Keys
✓ Data Tracking Sheet
I am using this in my classroom the three weeks leading up to our standardized test as spiral review and to gather data on which students need more intense instruction during small group math. 
Each day students will complete the questions, we will go over them and then there are two options for tracking data. Students can either keep their own data sheet, or the teacher can keep a class list for mastery. 
The Topics Covered In This Review:
⇨Represent and Solve Multi-Step Problems using Equations with a Letter for the Unknown
⇨Simplify Numerical Expressions
⇨Comparing and Ordering Decimals
⇨Graphing Ordered Pairs on a Coordinate Plane
⇨Generating a Numerical Pattern When Given a Rule 
⇨Classify 2D Figures Using a Hierarchy Based on Attributes
⇨Dividing Decimals
⇨Multiplying Decimals
⇨Dividing Whole Numbers and Unit Fractions 
⇨Solving One and Two-Step Problems Using Data
⇨Addition and Subtraction of Positive Rational Numbers
⇨Perimeter, Area, and Volume
Please check out the preview to see what is included!
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