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This bundle of science dice simulations is a great way to help students make important connections to their learning through active participation in the simulation and writing connection. I love to integrate writing into content areas, and this is the perfect way to do it!

Each of these simulations is available on their own, but you can save by purchasing them in this bundle. Please click on each of the individual titles below to see a full preview and description of the items included in the bundle.

Each simulation is a set of posters that you hang around the room and place a die by. Students are assigned a poster to start with and begin by rolling the die there. According to the number they roll they follow the directions on the poster, record their result, and travel to the next poster. This is done for as long as the teacher would like, or until students complete their recording sheet. Afterwards students write a narrative piece about their journey.

Science Dice Simulations Included So Far:
Phases of Matter
Water Cycle
Forms of Energy
Oxygen Cycle
Seed Dispersal
Energy in an Ecosystem
Sediment: Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition
Nitrogen Cycle
Rock Cycle
Carbon Cycle
Oil Spill


Just for FUN Dice Simulations:
Halloween Ghost Haunt
Turkey in Hiding
Reindeer Games
Circulation of a Dollar Bill

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