United States History Interactive Notebook Bundle


Total Pages: 532
File Size: 192 MB


This U.S. History Interactive Notebook Bundle is the perfect way to create an artifact of learning with your 5th grade American History Students. With 15 different units of United States History beginning with geography and going all the way through Modern America this notebook will help your students to organize their learning.

Each activity in this interactive notebook bundle comes in three forms (blank, slotted notes, and completed) to make differentiation easier for you and make this resource accessible for more students.

This bundle is full of all the United States History Notebook Kits from the Teaching in the Fast Lane store.

Included in this product now:
Notebook Start-Up Kit
Celebrate Freedom Notebook
Geography Notebook
European Explorers Notebook
Colonization Notebook
American Revolution Notebook
A New Country Notebook Kit
American Growth Notebook Kit
Westward Expansion Notebook Kit
Civil War Notebook Kit
Industrialization Notebook Kit
Early 20th Century:WWI, the Roaring 20s, the Great Depression, and WWII Notebook Kit
Changing Times Notebook Kit
Modern America Notebook Kit
American Citizenship Interactive Notebook Kit
American Government Interactive Notebook Kit

Please check out the individual notebooks for full previews.


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