Weekly Math Review 3rd Grade


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This math review resource is a 36 week long daily review of the important math concepts for 3rd grade. I designed it based on the thirteen readiness standards outlined in the TEKS then aligned it to CCSS.

This resource includes:
•Teacher Directions
•Tips for Implementation
•A Layout Key
•CCSS Alignment Key
•TEKS Alignment Key
•I Can Statements
•36 Weeks of Weekly Review
•Student Data Tracking Pages
•Complete Answer Key

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Why Do I Need This Resource?
Practice Makes Permanent! 
Each day students will review 2-3 math concepts to keep their learning fresh and preview standards before you get to them in the year. The format each week stays the same, but the problems change to continue to challenge students all year long!

Topics Covered in this Review Each Week-

→Addition and Subtraction
→Composing and Decomposing Numbers
→Area of a Rectangle
→Equivalent Fractions
→Comparing Fractions
→Comparing and Ordering Numbers
→Classifying and Sorting 2D and 3D Figures
→Perimeter of a Polygon
→Multiplication and Division
→Number Pairs in Tables
→Addition and Subtraction Models and Equations
→Multiplication and Division Models and Equations


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