Place Value Unit with Lesson Plans


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This ten-day place value unit is designed to meet the needs of fourth-grade TEKS and CCSS classrooms. Standards covered include identifying and naming whole numbers to a billion, forms of a number, as well as comparing and ordering numbers.

Within you will find a complete unit for teaching the fourth grade standards for place value including:
•content vocabulary
•daily warm-ups
•exit tickets
•daily scripted lessons with student activities
•post assessment

Please check out the preview for a more detailed look at what is included.

Standards included in this unit:
☆TEKS: 4.2A, 4.2B, 4.2C, and 4.2D
☆CCSS: NBT.A.1, NBT.A.2, NBT.A.3

While this unit is laid out over a ten-day time span do not feel that you must rigidly stick to the timeline. As a teacher, you know what is best for your students, and should follow your gut, as some classes may require more time to reach an understanding of a concept.

To save on ink and decrease prep time, every page of this unit is created in black and white. To create a more colorful unit print or copy on color paper.

This unit pairs well with these Place Value Math Stations for an organized and engaging math block.

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