Christmas Writing Activity Carolers’ Calling Dice Simulation


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This product is an interactive simulation using dice that follows the story of carolers on Christmas Eve.

This simulation is a set of posters that you hang around the room and place a die by. Students are assigned a poster to start with and begin by rolling the die there. According to the number they roll they follow the directions on the poster, record their result, and travel to the next poster. This is done for as long as the teacher would like, or until students complete their recording sheet. Afterwards students write a narrative piece about their journey.

Included in this product:
– Directions for the simulation
-Signs to mark locations of events in classroom
-Event directions
-Recording sheet
-Sample recording sheet
-Directions for narrative
-Sample narrative based on sample recording sheet
-Rubric for narrative

I love to complete this activity the week before Christmas with my students. They create the most creative narratives following the activity!

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