Multiplication and Division within 100 Task Cards


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Multiplication and division task cards are the perfect way to engage students in their learning without worksheets. 24 Task cards based on the 3rd grade math standards for multiplication and division within 100. These task cards are TEKS based and great for review or assessment and can even be used to play a multiplication and division game.

Included in this resource:

  • 24 Task Cards
  • Recording Sheet
  • Answer Key
  • Teacher and Student Directions
  • PDF with 10 Ways to Use Task Cards to Inspire Engaging Instruction

These task cards are a great way to review the 3rd grade standard for multiplication and division within 100. Each task card has an open-ended question for students to answer.

This set of task cards is based on the following TEKS. When applicable I have also tagged the CCSS.

  • 3.4E represent multiplication facts by using a variety of approaches such as repeated addition, equal sized groups, arrays, area models, equal jumps on a number line, and skip counting
  • 3.4F recall facts to multiply up to 10 by 10 with automaticity and and recall the corresponding division facts
  • 3.4G use strategies and algorithms, including the standard algorithm, to multiply a two-digit number by a one-digit number. Strategies may include mental math, partial products, and the commutative, associative, and distributive properties.
  • 3.4K solve one- and two-step problems involving multiplication and division within 100 using strategies based on objects; pictorial models, including arrays, area models, and equal groups; properties of operations; or recall of facts


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